Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leaving Tonight!

So excited! We head straight to the airport after work! I'll post some pics when we get back!

Monday, February 25, 2008

2 Days to Go!

Pretty much packed and ready for our trip. And I made contact with my childhood friend from my block growing up who I almost forgot lives in the Orlando area and she and her husband are going to try to meet up with us for dinner one night which will be fun! I haven't seen her for YEARS (like probably since high school?) It was actually a blog post that sparked my memory.

Anyway, the acupuncture on Thursday really helped move my cold along. My sinus pressure and runny nose are gone and I am hardly coughing at all. And the coughing I am doing is much looser and more effective. This is the second bad cold/sinus infection that I have had good results from acupuncture. I highly recommend it!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Going to have some accupuncture done today to hopefully alleviate the sinus pressure, lessen the drippy nose, and loosen up my chest so I am not just dry hacking. At least I got sick more than a week before vacation this time. I should be feeling mostly better by next Tuesday night before we leave. I can't believe our vacation is almost here already!

Last weekend with my folks in town was pretty nice. We have been getting some spring like weather, sunny and in the 50s so they took Jaxon outside a lot to play which he LOVED. He really is an outdoors kind of kid. Give him a truck to push around and he will play outside for an hour or more, digging, running, climbing on rocks, whatever. He hardly touches a toy (other than his tonka trucks) once the weather gets nice.

Anyway, probably won't post much before we leave town. Too busy getting ready to go!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

So when I went to bed last night the kitchen was still a bit of a mess. John said he would clean it when he got home as my parents are coming for the weekend and arriving tonight.

So this is what I saw when I walked into the kitchen this morning!

Not only a spotless kitchen but look at that table! Flowers and chocolates and a beautiful card that made me cry. I barely got through reading it once. Wanted to read it again but if I had I would definitely have had to redo my makeup. Soooo sweet.

Thank you my Sweetheart! Best Valentine's Day morning ever!

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Charlie Bit Me!"

Stole this from the Milk Maid. Too funny!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Catching up

So we stood in line for an hour and a half yesterday at the Mini Pet Mart in Bend waiting our turn for the mobile vet to give 3 of our dogs their rabies shots. Jaxon was so well behaved I could hardly believe it. He waited with me most of the time and I had two of the dogs and John waited a few people back with the other dog. Jaxon kept himself busy stacking and restacking merchandise on the shelf but was very good about putting it back the way he found it each time. Can't believe he didn't loose it waiting so long. He was soooo patient!

So the next step is to get our licenses up to date and get copies to the Sheriff. He was pretty laid back about the whole incident. As long as we got them all updated on licenses and vaccines we won't be cited. We did post some signs at the gate as a precaution to warn people to keep away from the dogs. Unlikely that it would happen again but certainly don't want to take any chances.

Our Chicken Thinks She's a Goose

Really - just check out this egg she laid the other day...

And the pictures just don't do it justice. Her regular eggs (compared in the pictures) are already on the large side compared to large eggs you get at the grocery store. I really cannot comprehend that a normal size chicken actually laid this egg! I am betting it is a double yolk.