Friday, April 25, 2008

Republicans for Obama

See? Gunfighter saw this on his way to work. Read about it here.

Words Defined by Jaxon

Dictionary: squish (skwĭsh)
v., squished, squish·ing, squish·es.
To squeeze or crush together or into a flat mass; squash.

Dictionary: squishy (skwĭsh'ē)
adj., squish·i·er, squish·i·est.
Soft and wet; spongy.
Sloppily sentimental.

Jaxon's dictionary: squishy
Something hard which can be used to squish something.

Conversation in car this morning:

Jaxon: "My shoe is squishy. Right Mommy?" (every comment these days ends in "right Mommy?" Which will be repeated until Mommy responds in the following expected manner)


Jaxon: "Bones are squishy, right Mommy?"
(Mommy's brain pauses momentarily to process how he came to this conclusion)

Mommy:"Noooooo. Bones are hard."

Jaxon:"My bones can squish bugs."
(Lightbulb goes off over Mommy's head)

Mommy:"Yes they can!"

So apparently in Jaxon's dictionary, squishy means an object which can be used to squish something rather than an object which can be squished.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oregon Presidential Primary

Just a reminder...

The deadline to register to vote in the Oregon primaries is Tuesday April 29 to vote in the Oregon primary on May 20.

You must be registered AS A DEMOCRAT to vote in the democratic primary.

For more information go here.

You can even fill out the registration papers on-line and print them.

And here is a list of the Oregon Obama campaign headquarters nearest you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Funny Things Kids Say

So on the way into work today Jaxon wanted to listen to his new Bear Tunes CD from Grandma and Bapa. For the last year and a half, the Moose Tunes CD from Grammie and Ogie has been his favorite so he is excited to have a new one just like it.

We have listened to it a couple of times so I started singing along with one of the catchier tunes but Jaxon would have none of it. He screeched at me to stop singing. So I stopped...for a minute and then started in again. This time he said in a very stern voice "Why don't you just keep your eyes on the road!" which resulted in me busting up laughing. He of course thought that it was very funny that he had made me laugh so for the next few minutes he delighted in saying it over and over until I finally had to tell him that was enough.

He still wouldn't let me sing though. He just wanted to listen. Guess I am not the worlds best singer.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching Up

So Tucker is a trooper and recovering well from his surgery. The bad news is that it is an agressive cancer and they were not able to get it all. We have switched him to a homemade diet of hamburger, spinach and carrots with a hard boiled egg which he seems to like. I am on the fence as to whether or not to add rice and or potato as cancer diets are recommended to have low to no carbs. I am playing phone tag with the alternative care vet to get the details of the diet worked out. We are just hoping to slow its growth. For now, Tucker is ready to go out and play!

And for some cute entertainment, here is a short video of my niece and nephew. Too cute! Can't wait to see them again although we won't be going to visit until Memorial Day weekend.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Poor Tucker

I can't really go into detail without tearing up (ok breaking down in sobs) so I will just post this link to my husbands post about our dear Tucker.

For now Tuck is doing well and I will maybe post a picture of the horror that is the incision (if you can call the ragged stitched up split down his side an "incision".) He is quite the trooper but it breaks the heart to see him so cut up. He NEVER lets on that he is in pain. Not even a wimper.

Just awaiting the biopsy results to tell us what kind of tumor it was that she removed (an no, she was not able to get all of it.) Hopefully it is slow growing and not agressive.