Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not a Meckel Diverticulum

So the Meckel scan came back clear as did the stool samples and blood work. Having been off dairy for more than 2 weeks now, we have very little to no blood. Which leads our Dr. and us to believe that the blood we have seen is directly related to dairy intake. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence. How scary is that? In doing a little searching I came across this post which is enough to make me think twice about even trying to reintroduce any dairy into his diet. I think we could all live without milk except for cooking, but cheese? We LOVE cheese! Anyway, for now we are continuing for a few weeks with no dairy and Jaxon has been very understanding about it for a kid whose diet previously consisted of about 80% dairy! He still sometimes asks for cheese or sour cream but when promted as to "what did the Dr. say?" he responds "No milk, no cheese, and no yogurt!" We have been creative with ice cream replacements though, sorbet at Baskin Robbins, tofutti ice cream sandwiches and bars, popsicles, etc. Tried some soy milk which John and I liked but Jaxon hated. I think when we start to reintroduce small amounts of dairy, we will try some goat cheeses to see how he does on those. We love mizithra on pasta.

Any other ideas for substitutions? I think there is a sour cream substitute as well but I need to see if that would work too. He loves burritos with sour cream. Poor kid, his burritos lately have been just beans. The only other stuff he likes on them are cheese and sour cream!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meckel Scan

So I took Jaxon into St. Charles Redmond today for a Meckel Scan.
He did fantastic. He cried a lot when they injected the dye but held his arm still even though it hurt and otherwise did great. He had to lay pretty still on his side for about an hour. He got a bit wiggly at the end but they got the scans done. The techs were great, so patient with him. I got him a new movie (Spiderman 3) to watch on his DVD player while he was laying there which he was very excited about.

Now to just wait for the results.

Here is a little about what a Meckels Diverticulum is if this is what is causing the blood in his stool....

and about the scan...

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Never Thought I Would... standing at a register at Bed Bath & Beyond holding a wine glass full of my sons poop.

Yeah - you read that right.

We have been seeing some blood in Jaxon's stool for awhile now. I took him in a few months back but we have just been monitoring it. The doctors don't think it is anything serious since there are no other symptoms. No pain, regular, otherwise normal poops, etc. But recently we really started noticing it again so I took him back in on Monday and the doctor ordered some routine type tests. He had to get his blood drawn and he was FANTASTIC for that. Didn't even flinch. He just sat on my lap and watched with interest. Amazing considering what a struggle last years flu shot was and that was just a quick poke.

Anyway, she wanted to get some stool samples too, but he hadn't had any evening poos this week. Until last night. Right in the middle of trying to shop for a wedding gift at Bed Bath & Beyond. And he had to go BAD - like RIGHT NOW MOM!

Great - of all of the moments this week to choose, he couldn't have chosen *better*. So I frantically look around for something I can use to catch it and get it home. The only thing I can find nearby is a rack of clearance wine glasses. I didn't even have time to purchase it first (there was a line at the one register open) so I just grabbed it and took it in the restroom with us and yes - caught his poo in the wine glass. So then I have the quandry of how to tactfully get it out through the store and back to the car, and I still have to buy the thing. So I wrapped the glass in paper towels and grabbed another glass to take to the register.

Much to my consternation, the girl at the register is young and just totally confused. I try to tactfully explain that I need to pay for the glass in my hand but that she really does not want to touch it and here is another identical glass to use to ring it up. She still is not understanding, and winds up ringing up both glasses. She asks if I want them wrapped. ***crickets*** No - I really just want to get this glass of poop I am holding in the middle of your store OUT of the store as quickly as possible. Good Lord! You should have seen me flustered, trying to explain without too much detail and her just blankly staring at me.

Anyway, I run out to put it in the car and still have to go BACK in the store and get the gift which I did as quickly as possible. Then I went back to the car to get the glass. Luckily I had Jaxon's lunch bag in there and put the glass in the bag and went and got ice from the burrito joint across the way (using a cup to get the ice - not directly into the bag of course!) after first having to purchase the beverage and our dinner. So then back to the car, fill bag, and back in to eat our food (after first washing hands in the bathroom again of course!) ALL OF THIS WITH JAXON IN TOW.

I can't remember the last time I was so exhausted, embarrassed, and flustered. I knew I was in for some interesting times being a mom but I never would have imagined I would one day have to stand in line at a register to pay for a glass with poop in it.

And let me tell you, that was a stinky half hour drive back home!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Animals (?) at the Fair

So Jaxon was on the phone the other night telling his grandparents all about the county fair. About the "spinnis wheel" (ferris wheel) and how he and Mommy, and Daddy, and Grammie (other grandma) rode on it but not Ogie (grandpa) because he was eating popcorn and you can't eat popcorn on the spinnis wheel. So then he went on to talk about the animals. "We saw horses, and pigs, and bunnies, and chickens, and ducks, and poop..." at this point I start laughing and am soon doing the silent shaking laugh, barely able to gasp for breath, shoulders aching. Apparently my parents were laughing too and Jaxon was just DELIGHTED that he had made a funny joke. So then he kept repeating it over and over and "laughing" - each laugh becoming more and more fake, making me laugh all the harder.

Ok - it's somewhat funny in the telling but I guess you probably had to be there to get the full effect ;P

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Jaxon Tattoo

So a couple of weeks ago John was working on his laptop in the living room and Jaxon was hanging out with him. Jaxon got hold of a sharpie (permanent marker) and was drawing on paper and John was worried he would get it on the couch. Since he was busy on the computer and too distracted to keep a close eye on the marker he told Jaxon to draw on his back, effectively keeping Jaxon busy where John could feel the marker rather than having to watch where it was going.

And guess what? Shampoo took it right off!