Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not a Meckel Diverticulum

So the Meckel scan came back clear as did the stool samples and blood work. Having been off dairy for more than 2 weeks now, we have very little to no blood. Which leads our Dr. and us to believe that the blood we have seen is directly related to dairy intake. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence. How scary is that? In doing a little searching I came across this post which is enough to make me think twice about even trying to reintroduce any dairy into his diet. I think we could all live without milk except for cooking, but cheese? We LOVE cheese! Anyway, for now we are continuing for a few weeks with no dairy and Jaxon has been very understanding about it for a kid whose diet previously consisted of about 80% dairy! He still sometimes asks for cheese or sour cream but when promted as to "what did the Dr. say?" he responds "No milk, no cheese, and no yogurt!" We have been creative with ice cream replacements though, sorbet at Baskin Robbins, tofutti ice cream sandwiches and bars, popsicles, etc. Tried some soy milk which John and I liked but Jaxon hated. I think when we start to reintroduce small amounts of dairy, we will try some goat cheeses to see how he does on those. We love mizithra on pasta.

Any other ideas for substitutions? I think there is a sour cream substitute as well but I need to see if that would work too. He loves burritos with sour cream. Poor kid, his burritos lately have been just beans. The only other stuff he likes on them are cheese and sour cream!


mel said...

Good news! Bummer on the NO cheese part. You're such a good mommy, hang in there! :)

labellanoire said...

That's rough about the no dairy thing. I'd be lost without cheese, lol. I know there are a few soy cheeses out there..they're not too bad.