Thursday, May 08, 2008

Never Put an Egg in Your Pocket

So you are probably reading the title of this post and thinking "Duh!"

But I learned this lesson the hard way today.

I put on my coat to head out for lunch and reached into my coat pocket to grab my keys, but found my pocket full of liquid. Full. At first I thought to myself, how did I spill this much liquid without realizing it, where did it come from, and *wow* my coat pocket is pretty water proof. Still confused, I opened the pocket and looked down into it, mistified to see broken egg shell in the pocket amidst the mysterious liquid. I was caught so off guard my brain spun for about 3 seconds before it all fell into place and I started laughing maniacally in the office corridor.

See, each morning, I get up and get dressed and ready for work, then head outside to feed the chicken (we only have one left of the 3 we started with last year) and gather her egg and bring it in the house before getting Jaxon up to get him ready to go. The gate latch requires two hands to latch, so I put the (rather large) egg in my pocket for a *moment*. Unfortunately, this morning Jaxon woke up while I was outside so while I was in the process of latching the gate I heard my husband yell sleepily out the door that Jaxon was crying and calling for me. This made all other thoughts promptly flee my brain, as 6:30 am for John is like 2:00 am for a normal sleep schedule since he doesn't get home from work until after midnight so he was a bit cranky at having to get up to come get me.

So I ran back in the house and got Jaxon ready to go and off we went - egg in pocket long forgotten. Until I reached into my pocket this afternoon on my way to lunch!

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