Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cool Dude

Tuesdays at Munckin Manor are show and tell day. Jaxon LOVES show and tell and always has to have SOMETHING to bring. Days that are not show and tell days we often have to go through a long dialogue of why he can't bring something in with him.

Today as we were getting out of the car he noticed that one of the girls in his class had her doll with her and he immediately began demanding that he be allowed to bring something in too, despite the fact that it was not show and tell day, and we had NOTHING in the car for him to bring in (he had already brought his Bear Tunes CD on Tuesday.) No ammount of reasoning was going to deter him though as he scrambled back into the car and began tearing it apart in search of something, ANYTHING that he might be able to bring in with him, deaf ears to Mommy's protestations.

And find something he did. His sunglasses. So in we came with sunglasses in hand which he immediately had to show each and every kid in the room, with offers to let them try them on, which of course they each wanted to do - even the older kids. I had to intervene after he almost poked someones eye out in his exuberance to share, reminding him to let the kids put them on themselves.

Score 1 for Jaxon, Mommy -1. So far, I seem to be on the losing side of most battles with the Negotiator.

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