Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Het Koffiemoment

I've been tagged by Isabella to post 6 random things about me.

So here goes...

1. I rarely wear skirts. Like maybe 2-3 times of year. I like cute clothes but not particularly clothes shopping. My idea of shopping is passing by a store and stopping by for a few minutes to see what I can score off the clearance rack. But I get a lot of compliments on my clothes and people are always surprised at the bargains I find. I NEVER pay full retail price for anything!

2. Along those lines, I do probably 70% or more of my shopping on line. Even a lot of shoes and clothes. Sometimes I will pre-shop online for places like Payless Shoes, Target, JCPeneny, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things. I love places that let you buy on-line and get free in store pick up. I just like the convenience of finding exactly what I am looking for without having to search all through the store for it! And search engines like froogle.com even let you find who has the cheapest price for a particular item. No running all over town!

3. My favorite vacations are either to Disneyland or Disney World, or travelling (so far most of my travels have been in Europe). I am not one to camp out in a hotel laying by a pool or on the beach. I have never been to Mexico (other than a day in Tijuana) or Hawaii. I wouldn't mind going but they just are never my first choice for a vacation.

4. I never really had a boyfriend. I dated a bit, but was far too picky until I met John. We were best friends before we ever started going out and we just kind of "decided" one day that we were officially "together". I never really thought of him as a boyfriend. I just always knew he was more than that to me. He did break up with me for almost a year after we had officially been together for more than a year and a half. He played the field a bit. I went off to Europe. It wasn't until I got back that I was finally resigned to start dating again and it took him seeing me with another guy to figure out that he didn't really want to loose me and he wanted to get back to gether. So we did. It was another 5 years before we got married but we knew long before we did that we would. We just weren't in a hurry. Now we have been married for 9 years and together (not counting our "break") for 16 1/2 years!

5. Ya'all are going to curse me on this one and probably hate me from here on out: I have *never* had to diet. I pretty much eat what I want when I want. I suppose it helps that I prefer nachos and diet coke (I can't STAND regular sodas!) to sweets and I am not a huge snacker. But it is rare for me to gain or lose more than 5 pounds. I have weighed between 130 and 135 most of my life, with an average weight of 132 (I am 5' 8") The one exception was after moving to Central Oregon. You really have to drive all over here, especially living out in the country like we do. The change in lifestyle combined with turning 30 slowed my metabolism for the first time in my life and over the next year I gained 10-15 pounds. All of a sudden I couldn't get under 140 and averaged 145. I wrote it off to getting older and didn't worry about it too much. I still wasn't "overweight" by any stretch of the imagination. I was 147 when I got pregnant with Jaxon at 32 and 178 by the end of my pregnancy. The weight dropped slowly but steadily after having him in March, and then I got sick in October and rapidly dropped the rest of my pregnancy weight. To my surprise, I had dropped down to 130 without really trying (other than getting sick which just dropped the last few). I was sure once I was feeling better that I would gain back up around 140 but to my even greater suprise, I held at my old 130-135 range which is where I still am 4 years later. I don't get any *regular* exercise beyond keeping up with a 4 year old, cleaning house, gardening, etc.

6. I am not big into music. I like it but rarely turn on music on my own accord. I am still stuck in the 80's for the most part but luckily John keeps me up to date with newer stuff although I am horrible at being able to match an artist with a song. Mostly I listen to Kidd Kraddick on my morning commute from 7 -7:30 am and NPR (OPB in Oregon) on the way home. I get most of my news from NPR and follow up on line for particular stories I am interested in.

So that's it for now.

Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post linking to their blog. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

And I hereby tag my husband John who started a blog then left it without further posting, Leslie at My Mommy's Place, Tasha at La Bella Noire, Dave at Random Walks in the Low Countries, Textual Healer, and Jake at Utterly Boring because although I enjoy lurking on his blog daily to get the Bend gossip, I don't think he has ever posted one of these surveys or seen my site.

I chose these particular blogs to tag to give you a wide range of demographic and geographic locations!


Tasha said...

I posted mine, it was hard to think of six things!

Jake said...

The thing is, I can't think of any random things people don't already know about me that I haven't posted on my blog. I'll see if I can come up with any.

Leslie said...

Okay, the weight thing? I am totally jealous. All I have to do is think of Krispy Kreme and I gain ten pounds. Life is not fair.

Thanks for the tag! I'll have mine up soon.