Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Searches That Bring People Here

Some of the google searches that brought people to my blog made me snort and just about choke laughing.

poop in eyes dutch phrase - someone googled this? And my blog came up as the first result???

My blog comes up second right now when you google oregon presidential primary and sixth on AOL. I am not sure what to think about that. Is there really so little news about the Oregon primaries that my measly little blog posting reminding people to vote comes up second?

And someone actually googled Jaxon's dictionary. I guess I have the official one since my post was again #1.

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A Touch of Dutch said...

I often look at the stats on my blog for these reasons as well!

This is a bit off-topic and you don’t have to do this. Or if you’re busy, take your time getting to it. Either way, it’s OK with me. I just thought it might be a fun twist for you to do too Go to my blog to the entry called “Het Koffiemoment” to see the details.

Thanks :)