Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Have to be Patient

So I was running late (thanks to not being able to get off the phone to leave work yesterday) for two consecutive appointments in Redmond (1/2 hour away) one for Jaxon's flu shot and one for my yearly checkup. Sure enough, I was exactly 10 minutes late to the first appt., having left exactly 10 minutes late from work, and traffic was heavy (for Central Oregon) so I was doing my stressed driver commentary "come on! come on people, move!" and I hear Jaxon pipe up from the back seat, "We have to be patient!" Thanks for the reminder peanut, your right, I need to be patient. Good to see that he really does grasp the concept. So far he hasn't demonstrated that he does.

Somewhere along the line, not sure how (not from me certainly) he discovered that shots hurt. Last year, and for past shots, he has been great. No worries at all about getting a shot. In fact last year he didn't even peep or flinch and even asked when we were done, unconcerned, if he was going to get another shot. This year, as soon as he heard he was getting a shot, he started to panic. We had to hold him down as he went rigid and struggled (broke my heart!) to give him the shot, which of course made it hurt worse than it otherwise would have. He was a trooper afterward though, especially when he got a bandaid. As a typical 3 year old he loves bandaids.

And driving into town we had to pass McD's which prompted him to demand nuggets. So I promised him that after Mommy's check up we would go get nuggets. Ugg. Two visits to McD's in one day. This time I stuck to a salad as I was greased out for the day. Jaxon on the other hand devoured a 6 piece nugget happy meal. Hungry boy.

This morning he realized half way into Bend that he had left his McD toy (Wally the Waterbug) and whined about it the rest of the way. I swear he plays with some of the McD's toys more than his other toys. Particularly the movie toys. He loves his cars from Cars (wish we had more of the set) and now he has two of the Bee Movie characters which he has been carrying around with him everywhere he goes. Cheap entertainment. At least the neutral toys or boys toys are usually pretty cool. The girly stuff tends to suck. My sister was totally disgusted when we went with the kids back in October and my niece's meal (she is only 3!) included a Bratz figure. I am so glad I have a boy. Even if our second child is a girl, at least she will have a brother and hopefully not be too much of a girly girl.

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