Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Boy

Well this morning went a little smoother than yesterday. Yesterday morning the crying started before J was even awake. I usually try to slip at least his socks on before he wakes up. Yesterday the littlest touch evoked wails. It was a good 15 minute struggle to get him dressed through tears which promptly started again when we hit the car without "Santa" the snow globe (minus snow) that he found in the hall closet the night before. So the first half of the 25 mile drive into town consisted of sobs and wails over Santa followed by a fresh set upon discovering a "samwich" in his lunch bag rather than yogurt. Whatever was I thinking? After all, the only thing he wanted all weekend were PBJ sandwiches. WHY would he want one in his lunch bag? So this bout continued the rest of the way in to daycare and beyond. He did not want to let go of the yogurt issue although I did finally get him to calm down with promises that we would go to the store and buy yogurt when I picked him up after work. His teacher helped too by getting the "special" box of scoopers and diggers down along with the rice table for digging in just for him.

Today was relatively uneventful. I even managed to get him half dressed before he woke up. There were a few tears but they disappeared quickly, a few more followed by demands that I remove the carrots and fruit from his lunch bag (damn those clear plastic zip lock bags! daycare won't allow lunchboxes or bags because they are too bulky for the fridge). But we made it to the car on time with few tears and were happily on our way. I even got to listen to Kidd Kraddic up until the last couple of miles of the journey before demands for "Moose" began. And I got happy kisses (cheek, cheek, nose, forehead, chin) with my "goodbye see you later" before he ran off to play with his friends.

Not a bad start to the day.

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