Monday, June 30, 2008


Took Jaxon to his first movie at a theater this weekend to see Wall*E. He really enjoyed it and did great.

So even Pixar is sending the message that we need to do something about all the waste we are producing. John and I were talking later that night that we need to be more committed to recycling. We are pretty good about 80% of the time but we could do better. Especially with composting. Now that we have our vegetable garden going, we really need to build an actual set of compost bins and work harder to get stuff composting.

I still hope that this becomes more of a front and center issue. Everyone these days is so concerned about carbon footprints. How about trash generation? I would like to see more accountability for corporations to reduce their trash or at least some sort of mandate that all packaging be 100% recyclable. How hard would that be?

And McDonalds and the like...we go to McDonald's ocassionally. We went on Saturday evening. After seeing Wall*E I was accutely aware of the enormouse pile of trash sitting on our table from just the three of us. Most of it was recyclable. But guess what? There are no recycle bins at McDonalds. Why not? If they are going to produce such a disproportionate share of waste, the least they can do is recycle it! They have made a pretty decent effort to improve their image in the last few years, this seems like a simple way to go a step further.


Tasha said...

You're so right about the trash generation. When I go to fast food places, I notice that you get so much packaging on your food it's ridiculous. And the same thing when buying toys or electronics. Soo much packaging, but a lot of that can't be recycled. We're outgrowing our landfills too fast. I know the Earth wasn't meant to be used the way we use it.

Dave Hampton said...

My first movie was (the original) 101 Dalmations...not much of redeeming value in Cruella de Ville but I got a kick out of it for my 7th birthday.

The Dutch are surprisingly lax about recycling: I don't have anywhere to recycle cans or compost, bottles (without lids) still recycle at the corner white, brown, green bins. They are fanatic about newspapers though...