Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Processing recyclables

Ok - I am being a bit prolific today but I wanted to share this video that will help make your recycling efforts more effective. It is from Australia but my understanding is that my local recycling plant operates much the same, and I imagine the same is true in most places. Worth a watch.

Theres No Such Thing as Away (part 1)

There's No Such Thing as Away (part 2)

And much more good stuff here at SustainaBundy and their YouTube videos too.

The other thing is this particular disposal operation runs a shop where they pull out ANYTHING that looks resellable - HOW COOL IS THAT!!! They keep a free timber pile too! And parts for appliances too! Like the saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Seems like every transfer station should maintain an area where people could drop stuff off that is reusable and would be open to anyone to scavenge. Less for them to pay to haul and easy recycling. What a no brainer....hmmm maybe I need to write a letter to our county commissioners and garbage service....

PS - this one on composting is good too - the guy is pretty funny.

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