Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So with my last post, I have been thinking more about what things I own that are recycled and what I personally do to reduce waste.

Much of our furniture is hand me downs. Our kitchen table was John's parents, and before that belonged to his grandparents. Two of the beds in our house were handed down from his parents as well. Our piano is also third generation and beautiful. So are several other side tables and desks. One of the desks in my office looks to be from the 40's. I refinished it with the help of my Dad after finding it by the dumpster (!) at my college apartment. Jaxons dresser and end table were made for me as a child by my Dad. Our bedroom dresser belonged to John's parents, passed down from his grandparents. We used salvage lumber to construct our raised vegetable bed, planter boxes, and a chicken coop. And the list goes on.

I also buy probably around 50% of our other stuff on ebay and craigslist, much of it used. Most of the furnishings in Jaxon's room and many of his toys came from those sites or second hand stores.

And even though it wasn't the reason we bought it, our projector will ultimately produce far less non-recyclable waste than a big screen LCD or plasma would. It also has a much bigger screen (7.5 feet across!) and takes up almost no room since the screen pulls down from the ceiling, flat against the living room wall.

What do you do to reduce your waste? What kinds of things do you buy that are reused or recycled?

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