Friday, April 25, 2008

Words Defined by Jaxon

Dictionary: squish (skwĭsh)
v., squished, squish·ing, squish·es.
To squeeze or crush together or into a flat mass; squash.

Dictionary: squishy (skwĭsh'ē)
adj., squish·i·er, squish·i·est.
Soft and wet; spongy.
Sloppily sentimental.

Jaxon's dictionary: squishy
Something hard which can be used to squish something.

Conversation in car this morning:

Jaxon: "My shoe is squishy. Right Mommy?" (every comment these days ends in "right Mommy?" Which will be repeated until Mommy responds in the following expected manner)


Jaxon: "Bones are squishy, right Mommy?"
(Mommy's brain pauses momentarily to process how he came to this conclusion)

Mommy:"Noooooo. Bones are hard."

Jaxon:"My bones can squish bugs."
(Lightbulb goes off over Mommy's head)

Mommy:"Yes they can!"

So apparently in Jaxon's dictionary, squishy means an object which can be used to squish something rather than an object which can be squished.

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Leslie said...

It makes sense! Jaxon and his squishy bones are just adorable.