Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Poor Tucker

I can't really go into detail without tearing up (ok breaking down in sobs) so I will just post this link to my husbands post about our dear Tucker.

For now Tuck is doing well and I will maybe post a picture of the horror that is the incision (if you can call the ragged stitched up split down his side an "incision".) He is quite the trooper but it breaks the heart to see him so cut up. He NEVER lets on that he is in pain. Not even a wimper.

Just awaiting the biopsy results to tell us what kind of tumor it was that she removed (an no, she was not able to get all of it.) Hopefully it is slow growing and not agressive.

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Leslie said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I hope the biopsy brings back the best possible news.

I love my pets and have had friends and family members roll their eyes as we've paid for procedures or gone to (what they consider) great lengths for them. Like your husband said - not everyone gets it.

I hope Tucker is feeling better soon and you have him for years to come.