Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quality Time

I spend time with my Jaxon but I feel like I am not spending enough truly quality time with him. Time he will remember when he is older. Sure I get him ready in the morning and we have a half hour drive in the morning. Sure we have the evening together but that is mostly spent getting him fed, bathed, ready for bed, maybe a story or two or we watch a movie together but I feel like I am not spending enough time really playing with him and shaping his childhood.

So I vow to start trying at least a few days a week and on the weekend to spend some real Jaxon level time with him. I have been wanting to start doing yoga (just at home with a DVD) again for a long time and I am guessing he would have fun doing that together once or twice a week. I want to bring out games more often to play with him, especially learning-but-fun type games as he is ready to start learning more about letters and pre-reading and counting now (he's 4 and definitely showing interest.) He loves to do craft stuff with me, like painting wood stuff. I made train name sets and growth charts for all of the new babies in the extended family and he loved it when I gave him some blocks and letters to paint too. We sat at the kitchen table and painted together for more than an hour at a stretch.

So what do you Mom's like to do one on one with your kiddos? Or as a family? Or for those of you who don't have kids yet, how about stuff you remember doing with your parents as kids?

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Leslie said...

Julia is really into being a "helper" lately. While she enjoys crafty stuff, playing games, reading, and stuff, she gets really excited when she contributes in a real way. She loves to help with dinner and even cleaning. It's really kind of great and at the perfect time with the new baby coming!