Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

36 - Not just a new year but a new demographic. No longer in the 25-35 category but the 36-44. *Sigh*

John is doing really well this year. First there was Valentine's Day morning. Then for maybe the first time in our 16 YEARS together I woke up to a card and gift on the kitchen table as well as a nice clean kitchen. He always does such a great job cleaning the kitchen. I just can't seem to figure out what to do with all the clutter that accumulates there. But this morning it looked great. And the gift, (although I suspect a bit last minute?) was given a lot of thought and very personal. A creme brulee chocolate bar (he knows creme brulee is my fav dessert) and some other goodies, a really nice book with photo project ideas in it, kind of a scrapbooking and beyond (I really need to find myself some time to do scrapbooking again - I still haven't finished Jaxon's 2006 book!) and an egg timer LOL. I like hard boiled eggs and so does Jaxon but I never seem to make them except at Easter. I pretty much suck at it. So this timer looks like an egg and you drop it in with the eggs and it tells you when they are done. Pretty cool. Hope it actually works. Anyone tried one before?

Oh - and the bigger part of my present was this high definition digital video camera which he got for me last month just before our trip to Disney World.

So all in all a good start to my Birthday, even if the weather didn't cooperate. Looks like we are in for some more snow today.


Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated birthday. I'm not too far behind you!!!!! *sigh* :-)


Leslie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm sorry I hadn't come by sooner.