Monday, March 24, 2008

The Negotiator

My term of endearment for my 4 year old son is "The Negotiator". I am sure he will wind up being a lawyer or some other similar profession when he grows up. The boy never takes No for an answer, although he usually finds a way to do so without being outright defiant about it. For well over a year, when asked to do something, or stop doing something, his response usually begins with "How 'bout..."

So he is taking it to a new level in the last week or so. A story from my MIL from last night illustrates Jaxon's creativity. He knows that when playing with toy cars they are not allowed on wood tables (coffee table, kitchen table, etc.) because they will scratch the wood. He is welcome to play with them on the floor, the train table, etc. So when she asked him not to run the cars on the table last night and reminded him that he knows this, he responded that his hand doesn't know that because it doesn't have eyes or ears.

So if you need to find that loophole in a contract, I have a 4 year old here ready to fight on your behalf. He doesn't give up easily and usually ends up with a decent settlement compromise...

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