Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Vacation Planning

Well, got the bug to start planning another Disney vacation, this time for just the three of us. It was great to have Grandma and Bapa along on Jaxon's very first Disneyland visit last May, but this time we want to do just the three of us. We very seldom do stuff just the three of us. We are fortunate to live close to John's parents and my parents come to visit frequently so when we do fun stuff we often have at least one set of Grandparents along. Which is great - but sometimes it is nice to spend quality fun time just the three of us.

So, what we are debating now is whether to go back to Disneyland for 5 days (Using our airline miles this would cost $990-$1096 for either the Howard Johnson or Candy Cane Inn) or do Disneyworld this time and stay at one of the value resorts and do 6 or 7 nights. This would cost $1500-1635. Plus food for either of course. We usually estimate around $100 a day for food for the three of us.

Keeping in mind that Jaxon will just be turning 4 in March, do you think Disneyworld is too big for him? I remember things being so spread out there. The themeparks there are so much bigger (at least it seemed that way) than the California parks. We haven't been to Disneyworld since our honeymoon in 1999. Also, we have never stayed at one of the value resorts. Are they as awful as they look? Why can't they have a nicely themed value resort? Why do they have to have the giant crap all over the value resort hotels?

And if we do stay at a value resort, any recommendations on which of the 4 is best/worst? Of the 4, the All-star music looks the least evil, with maybe all-star movie coming in second. Any thoughts? Ease of transport from the hotel is a BIG factor too.

I'm excited! Share your thoughts and advice freely! (Gunfighter - I am looking at you specifically since I KNOW you go every year!)


Gunfighter said...

All I'll say now is that I think you should do Disneyworld.

I will send you an extensive email tonight.

Leslie said...

I've only been to Disneyworld once and that was when I was 14. I don't have any advice! But, I hope you'll share all about your trip. We'd love to take Julia and Lucy sometime in the next few years.