Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chip off the Old Block

I forgot how when I was a kid I could NOT take a compliment. Hated them. Really. They made me squirm.

I almost laughed the first time I heard Jaxon respond with a "stop it" and a pouty frown and crossed arms to someone saying "thank you" to him recently. It's his new response to anyone being nice to him lately, whether it's "good job" "thank you" whatever. And where did he get this unusual response? All I can say is it must be genetic. I outgrew it long before he was born but I remember reacting the exact same way when I was little.

Sometimes it is like looking back in time at myself. Sometimes I think I must be the only person who truly understands what he is thinking or feeling, especially at times like these where his reaction is so unusual. When I tell people, I used to be the same way they look at me like I'm nuts. It is so wild though to see that some of this stuff, particularly personality traits, likes and dislikes, reactions that I thought were uniquely my own, are actually genetic! Not learned behaviours, as they were long forgotten by me, much less practiced. It's really pretty bizarre.


Leslie said...

I have moments like that with Julia. She is so much like me! My mother notices it a lot, too. Although she'll say, "I don't understand why Julia does that, but you used to do it, too." And I think, "I totally understand her!" It's amazing, isn't it?

mel said...

I totally get it. Brenner may look like his Dad, but he acts just like his Mama. I love it and wouldn't change a thing.

Miss you!