Thursday, January 17, 2008

Turning a Corner?

Well, the last couple of days Jaxon has been just as sweet as can be. I have hardly heard a single whine out of him and it has been sooooo nice! I have tried to compliment him without making too big a deal about it (see previous post on compliments). I hope this is a sign of things to come. 3 has been no picnic so I am hoping 4 will be a bit more enjoyable age.

Also, it is exciting to see him finally taking an interest in letters. Around Christmas he was starting to find his name on his own, recognizing letters "J-A-X-O-N that spells Jaxon!" It was cute because he located all the presents with his name on them from under the tree. The problem was trying to explain that some said "to Jaxon" and others were to someone else "from Jaxon". To him, they all had his name on them!

When we drive around town now his new game is to point out all the J's, A's, X's, O's and N's he sees. Very cute. "Look! O for Jaxon!" We have also been working on learning some other letters lately too and he is just starting to pick out a few others as well. It is so fun to see him excited about learning new things.

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Leslie said...

It's so wonderful when kids get excited about learning something new.

Lately, it feels as if Julia is moving forward by leaps and bounds. It's funny how she'll sort of sit at one place, developmentally, for a while and then, wooosh! She takes off and seems to just burst forward. Suddenly she's saying all these new words and putting her sentences together so clearly and just seems to have a better handle on herself.