Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all enjoy your Holiday! May they be merry and bright and full of relaxing fun with your families and friends.

We will be heading to church at 4:00 followed by dinner at the in-laws and presents with them. We will do our presents and Santa presents just the three of us in the morning, and the in-laws will be coming over later in the day for Christmas dinner. We spent the weekend cleaning the house. I almost broke down in tears yesterday after about the FIFTH present I found from the dogs. Seemed like every surface I went to dust had a puddle of dried dog pee. WHY must our dogs mark all over the house? It is SOOO GROSSSS. They even got Jaxon's overnight bag. Had to send his clothes to Grammie's in a shopping bag so I could throw his bag in the washer. So, since I have talked a bit about our menagerie of pets, I thought I would post some pictures of the rascals.

Didn't notice until after posting this just how hang dog the dogs look in these pictures. Not sure why they look so glum. Guess they just don't like getting their pictures taken. Especially Tipper. Look at his body language. You'd think I was trying to give him a bath or something...

Tucker 9 years old

Telly 10? years old

Tipper (the one who makes my life hell)

Didn't catch a picture of Auskar my Aussie

Sweet baby girl (2 years) Chai

Buster 12 years old - eldest of the pack and the accepted alpha male of the household. Really, the dogs will sit and whine if he is blocking their path rather than mess with Buster.

Didn't catch the fat cat Astro either. Astro is named after the gas station we found her at. Someone had abandoned her there so we took her in. She is about 8 years old.

I tried to upload a video clip of them that included Auskar and Astro but it doesn't seem to want to work.

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Leslie said...

Great pictures! We're animal-lovers, too. We've got three indoor cats, 18 (yes! I know!) outdoor/barn cats and one very, very old dog. When we moved in here over a year ago, we only had four cats. The rest we've taken in since the move. Many of them were left by the previous owners. It was quite an ordeal getting them all spayed/neutered last spring! Our vet told us he was going to take an extra vacation this year, thanks to us!