Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Brighter Side

So enough with my downer posts. This one is about the brighter side of life lately.

1. Our Oregon State Income Tax kicker refund came in the mail yesterday for $820 which pretty much covers our insurance deductible.

2. We have been trying for the past several months to sell some of our irrigation rights to our good neighbors but one of our other neighbors has been reluctant to agree to the transfer (we are on a mini- co-operative with a shared pump for the system). He final (verbally at least) agreed to sign the papers. This means we should soon be getting an additional $9,000 once the paperwork is finalized.

3. We found some vinyl flooring that we like for the bathroom and Carpet One is coming on Friday to measure for it and see if we can just replace the carpet pad in the bedroom and the carpet restretched. We couldn't find a similar carpet, and none that we really liked. Since the carpet is in relatively good condition, we like it, and it matches the other bedrooms, we are hopefull to just keep it. And Carpet One thinks they can get the work done sometime next week so we might be back to mostly normal by Christmas. Just hope we can get ProServ back quickly as well once the flooring is down to put the bathroom fixtures back in (cabinet is in the shower and toilet is in the tub right now!)

4. The insulation is back in under the floor in our bedroom as of today YAY! Especially since our room was COLD last night. It got down around 12 degrees (or less?) last night.

5. My beloved in-laws, MIL in particular, expressed to me last night that if I do get laid off, or for other reasons we need financial help, we are not to hesistate to ask - that they really want to be there to help us if we need it as her father was for her when he was alive. She even got teary confiding how much of an additional loss to her that security net was when he passed away 20 years ago, since her mother was much more frugal in saving money should she need it and not so comfortable loaning money, even to her kids. She wants us to feel that security and not have to be overly stressed and worried about where the money will come from if either of us is laid off. This offer was so heartfelt and touching it really did lift a burden of worry from John and I.

So despite some minorly unfortunate incidents lately, we know that truly our lives are soooo blessed!


Milk Maid said...

My Big J got laid off last x-mas and let me tell you it sucks! But- my parents swept in to the rescue (well dad did). Seems like some fundage is lurking about for yall~ hurray!!

Amy Barry said...

Yay! I have another new commenter! That makes a grand total of 3 so far, although I haven't had a comment from Mr. Gunfighter for a while...

jennifer said...

Our inlaws helped us several years ago when we got into a bind. I've never forgotten it and especially have never forgotten that they helped us without making us feel guilty about it.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

Leslie said...

My parents have always been quick to help. They never want a payback, they always say, "We just expect that you'll do the same for your kids." It's a relief!