Monday, December 10, 2007


So we just heard last week that 5 people from the Planning Department here in Bend are being laid off as of the end of March. At least they gave as much notice as possible as well as 10 days within that time to do job searching. But the scary thing is it may not end there. We will hear more in January as to whether or not additional layoffs will be necessary with the coming fiscal year. There are still 3 other planners with less seniority than me but who knows how deep the cuts will go? I am thankful to still have my job for now but the uncertainty of the housing market makes for stressful unknowns. And by that time if layoffs continue the likelihood of finding another job in the area will be slim to none.

Sure hope the market starts to turn again soon.

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Leslie said...

Oh, that makes things so stressful. I hope things improve - for you and for me. We've been trying to sell our old house for more than a year now. I'm aching to lose the additional mortgage payment!!!