Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Family Time

As long as John and I have been together he has never had a true Monday through Friday 9-5 type job. There was a 6 month stint just after Jaxon was born where he did but it was contract and didn't last. The last 3 years, he has been working M-F but first he worked late nights Mondays and Tuesdays and some of the rest of the week when he was doing the layout design for the Redmond Spokesman. Then the past 2 years he has worked a 3-midnight shift.

Well the last 3 weeks he has worked days and it looks like the move to days may become permanent (fingers crossed!) and the bonus is that for once we are working near each other and able to carpool. This is important since we live 25 miles out of town and our gas bill has topped $500 a month recently. This will cut that by more than half. But the best part is having John home in the evening. He actually cooks dinner for us and we can finally sit down and have dinner as a family most nights. We are getting more stuff done around the house and when the weekend rolls around, he doesn't spend half of it catching up on sleep. We even went to church on Sunday morning, something we really have been wanting to be more regular doing, but when 9am is the middle of the night for your body clock, most weekends you just don't feel like getting up that early.

So, for the first time we are experiencing what most families take for granted, quality time together on a regular basis - and let me tell you, nothing could be better!


Dave Hampton said...

Those are some good changes in your life. Kids grow up too quickly and the time before they are teens is especially valuable because they still enjoy spending time together as a family at meals and on outings.

mel said...

I'm so happy for you guys - yay for family time together!

Miss you guys!