Monday, December 08, 2008

Speed Racer Marketing - Missed the Boat

Boy did the marketers for Speed Racer miss the boat big time. Jaxon wants a speed racer outfit for Christmas. Not the new version, the 60's version with the blue shirt with the white collar and cuffs and the red ascot. Seems simple right? Make and sell blue polo shirts with white collars and cuffs and the big yellow G. Hell, add in a red ascot and yellow gloves and they'd be selling like hot cakes! All I can find is this sad number.

Now I am just trying to find a plain white non-cuffed polo and blue v-neck t-shirt that I can layer and add the G myself. Do you think I can even find that? Hell no.
At least we found this

which Grandma is getting for him.

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